Barry has been running his own Mergers and Acquisitions business for the past 21 years but has always had a passion for all things ‘Space’ and particularly the ‘Apollo Space Program’; He can remember from when he was a small boy the excitement of man landing on the Moon in 1969. This has stayed with him all these years and until he started working for himself, he was able to put together his passion, and was able to build and present a wonderful PowerPoint presentation of the Apollo Story.

To complement the PowerPoint presentation, Barry has used all sorts of material from covers, stamps, photos, postcards, mission patches, film clips, and even pieces from the actual Apollo spacecraft themselves. The presentation does cover a lot of ground but it goes very quickly as there are a lot of film clips, some with music, including a couple of exciting simulation videos. Listed below are the two halves of the presentation and their content. This will give a good idea of the presentation and what to expect.

First half – the background to the Apollo missions:


An overview.

President Kennedy’s speeches that made it all happen.

The forerunners to Apollo.

The Moon.

Why the Americans went to the Moon.

Before Apollo/the space race.



The first animal in space.

The first man in space.

Wernher von Braun.

The incredible logistics/the wow factor as everything was so immense.

The awesome Saturn V rocket.

The VAB/crawler transporter.

The method/how to get to the Moon.

The Apollo spacecraft/the lunar module and the command module.

Walking on the Moon.

A simulation video of how they flew and landed a Man on the Moon.

Second half – the manned Apollo missions from Apollo 1 to Apollo 17:

A simulation video of how fortunate/lucky NASA was?
Apollo 1 – A disaster/the only casualties.

Apollo 7 – Return to Space after the disaster of Apollo 1.

Apollo 8 – Fly me to the Moon/the first-time man saw the Earth rise.

Apollo 9 – The first fully laden Apollo and flight of the Lunar Module/spacewalk.

Apollo 10 – We are close/a near disaster.

Apollo 11 – The first man on the Moon/the actual footage of landing on the Moon.

Apollo 12 – Lightning strikes/no cameras.

Apollo 13 – Houston we’ve had a problem/a narrow escape.

Apollo 14 – A Handcart/no hiccups.

Apollo 15 – The first Lunar Roving Vehicle/the hammer and feather experiment.

Apollo 16 – Engine failure delays Moon landing.

Apollo 17 – The last man on the Moon.

Apollo 18/19/20 – what happened to these Apollo missions?

The conspiracy theories/did they really land on the Moon?


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